Ordering Guide

Most Used Products for Pets

Most Used products for Allergens

Most Used Products for Cars

Most Used Products for Kids


Products for Room Odors

  • Odor Eliminator 101 Pouch:
  • is best for small spaces like cars, closets and small bedrooms and sports bags
  • freshens the air
  • this is slower acting than the Odor Eliminator 365 but lasts longer
  • lasts 60-90 days
  • can be used to remove odor from smelly items like shoes as well.  Put 101 in garbage bag with smelly item, tie bag and leave 24 hours. 

Odor Eliminator 102 Pouch:

  • is best for large spaces like Living rooms, kitchens, Master Bedrooms
  • freshens the air
  • this is slower acting that the Odor Eliminator 365 but lasts longer 
  • lasts 60-90 days
  • great to use near diaper pails, litter boxes, teenage boy rooms, garages

Odor Eliminator 365 Canister:

  • is best for situations where you need a quicker solution. In between customers to remove body odor, perfume or smoke odors.
  • Adjustable lid
  • Refillable canister
  • Lasts 30 days

Spray Products (mostly for carpet and textiles)

Skunk Odor

  • Easy to use spray designed to remove odors from both your pet and or your furniture and carpet.
  • Buy now and mix when needed.  Works in minutes
  • Specially formulated to be safe on pet's skin and textiles

Pet Spotter

  • Easy to use spray is designed to remove odors and stains from carpet and other textiles like pet beds. 
  • Great for older dogs or puppies being potty trained. 
  • Works for all types of urine.
  • Even works for other things such as coffee, wine etc. 

Odor and Allergen Remover

  • easy to use spray is designed to remove both odors and allergens from any surface.
  • Were you given a piece of furniture that came from a house with cats and you are allergic to cats-  This will denature the allergens so you can enjoy your new gift.  It is as if they were never there!
  • Great to treat dog beds, couches, even cars.

Specialty Products


  • great for mildew smelling clothes or towels
  • great for cloth baby diapers- removes most stains too!
  • great for smoke removal
  • great for allergen removal if pet got on the bedding 

Mobile Refresh  (vehicles, RV's, cars, boats)

  • vapor treatment. Great to freshen up the cars interior smell
  • can be used in RVS, boats or small rooms as well.
  • easy to use

Mobile Refresh Kit

  • Same amazing vapor treatment along with a cleaner, a deodorizer, two special microfiber towels, 101 dispenser and a years worth of 101 pouches to keep it smelling fresh all in one kit and considerable savings.

Keep Fresh Egg

  • Keeps food fresh longer in fridge or pantry
  • Lasts 10 months
  • saves you money- no more spoiled food

Number One Cleaner

  • All purpose cleaner and deodorizer in one!
  • Great for kitchens, bathrooms, sports equipment, coolers, and more.
  • Can be used in the washer as well.
  • Concentrate can make 10 gallons of ready to use product.  Mix only what you need.  Less waste.