About Us

Hello, My name is Wendy Billings and I own an odor removal business in Colorado.  In my service, I remove extreme odors with our industrial grade line of products.  That is awesome.  However the majority of people I know do not have extreme odor problems.  They have minor odor annoyances- diapers, litter boxes, pet beds, sports equipment, garage odors, and don't forget teenage boy shoes. :)  Kids and pets are the most common sources of odor. 

What would life be like without kids and pets?  NOT FUN! 

But where kids and pets are found, odors often follow.  Unfortunately, most of the products on the market today for odor removal are harmful to our health.  And some of the more "natural" solutions simply are not up to the task.

So Healthy Environs Odor Eliminator Line was created in order to fill a growing need for healthy odor removal products. We worked directly with the manufacturer of our industrial products, to create a line of products that are safe for customers to use in their home without sacrificing their effectiveness.  

Healthy Environs is a family run business. It is owned and operated by veterans and all our products are made in the USA.  We believe in customer service and customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing healthy and effective solutions to life's everyday odor problems because:

"Life doesn't have to Stink!"