Pet Odors

Having a pet is awesome, but it can create a few stinky situations.  Litter boxes, pet beds, wet dog smells and of course those occasional oops!  Luckily we have just to products to eliminate those odors at the source.

The 101, 102 and Odor 365 will eliminate pet odors in the air.  Whether from litter boxes or pet beds, these products are amazing.  

The Pet Spotter is perfect for those occasional accidents.  Simply spray it on the fresh spot and allow to dry- It will dry into a powder. You can vaccuum the powder up.  If you do not catch it right away you can use it on the spot but it will not dry into a powder.  It will still be just as effective.  Do not soak- Several light applications are better than on deep spray.  Can be used on any flooring including carpet.

The Odor and Allergen Spray is perfect for eliminating odors on things like pet beds, your furniture, the carpet- even the dog itself.  Just mist a light spray on these items.  Odors are neutralized at the source.  This does not take the place of washing or having the furniture cleaned to remove the dog oils that accumulate but it does extend the time in between considerably.

Laundry Product.  Dog beds, slip covers, and anything washable can benefit from the laundry product.  It will remove virtually any odor with one run through the washer.

The skunk spray is great to have on hand if you live anywhere that a skunk might spray your pet.  This spray is specially formulated to be used directly on the pet.  Just spray onto their fur and rub in.  Works in under 15 minutes,  No more wrestling the dog into the tub!