Chlorine Dioxide is the product the government used to decontaminate the offices where anthrax powder was sent through the mail and opened, contaminating the HVAC system, and all contents and structural components of the exposed areas.  

Chlorine dioxide has been used for over 40 years as a final step in the water treatment for municipal drinking water systems.

Chlorine dioxide is what the little pill contains that decontaminates water from an unclean source (pond, river or stream) and makes it potable (useable, or drinkable for humans).  

Chlorine Dioxide is the basis for all of our Healthy Environs allergy removal, allergy control, odor elimination, and odor removal products.  You can control allergens, you can control odors, and you can make your environment safer for people who have breathing problems, medical conditions like immunity disorders, asthma, bronchitis, COPD, and so on.  

Chlorine dioxide not only has anti-allergy properties, but removes and controls odor causing bacteria, spores, and is an excellent all around deodorizer.

The product shown begins working immediately after mixing, starting to solve your problems quickly!  


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